Supply Partners

Exergy WFI Point of Use System

Staitech are the exclusive Supply Partners in Ireland for Exergy Point-Of-Use systems which dispense instant, temperature controlled WFI or PW, meeting the hygienic standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Design features:

  • 100% Sanitisation maintained through continuous flow of hot water from the main loop when not in use
  • Enclosed locking cabinet
  • Sanitary double tube sheet heat exchanger eliminates risk of cross contamination between product and working fluid
  • Fully passivated contact surfaces, ≤20 Ra & EP available
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Full quality documentation provided
  • ASME BPE Compliant

Typical applications:

  • Cool WFI/PW from 80-85°C to 20-40°C
  • Water For Injection (WFI) systems
  • Purified Water (PW) systems