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Semi-Conductor Tube and Fittings

EGMO, Founded in 1965, are a member of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, manufacturing the SCiMax range of Semiconductor Flow Equipment to meet the stringent standards of the semiconductor industry.

Testing Standards (Sample)

  • Particles test: <10 particles (greater than 0.1µ ft^3)
  • Moisture test: ∆0.5 ppm
  • SEM TEST: SEMATECH 90120401B 40 defects (magnification*3500)
  • XPS TEST for Analysis of Cr/Fe: SEMATECH 90120403B 1.5/1<
  • XPS TEST for Analysis of CrO/FeO: SEMATECH 90120403B 3/1 <
  • AES TEST for Measuring of Oxide Thickness: SEMATECH 91060573B /20 A<
Semi conductor
Semi conductor

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Semi-Conductor Equipment
High-Purity and ultra High-Purity – Std and Co-Axial

Founded in 1965, EGMO, a member of NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, manufactures the SCiMax range of Semiconductor Flow Equipment is specially designed to meet the stringent standards of the semiconductor industry, delivering maximum results.

Applications CDA, GN2, Breathing air systems, High Purity, Ultra High Purity
Materials 304L/316L
ID Ra (Inch/meter) 30µ-In/0.75µm, 20µ-In/0.5µm, 15µ-In/0.375µm, 10µ-In/0.25µm, 5µ-In/0.125µm
Final Cleaning DI-WATER, UPW 18MΩ
Packing Environments Class 100,000, Class 1000, Class 10

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Semi-Conductor Equipment
Vacuum Components

EGMO develops, manufactures, designs and markets high quality stainless steel Vacuum components for the semiconductor industry, gas delivery systems and water purification.

Applications Gas delivery systems and water purification in Semi-Conductor manufacturing
Materials 304, 304L, 316L, Aluminium
Surface Treatment Electro Polish
KF Flanges & Fittings 0.50″ – 2.00″
ISO Flanges & Fittings xDN63 (2 ½”) – DN250 (10.00″)

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Laterals and Manifolds

EGMO a subsidiary of the Neumo Ehrenberg Group manufacture top quality PCW, CFOS & UHP pre-fabricated laterals & manifolds

Using EGMO unique 3D internal welding technology dead leg in laterals and manifold POC’s are reduced to minimum:

PCW Laterals Diameters: 3”- 8”
Material: 304L
Standard: SCH10 ASTM A312
CFOS Laterals Diameters: 1”-4”
Material: 316L
Standard: ASTM A269/270
UHP – Ultra High Purity Material: 316L EP
Diameters: 1”- 6” Parker Valves For UHP gases
Standards/Tests: SEMATECH 90120401B/CGA G-4.1/ASME BPE

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