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AWH VPureMix® Magnetic Coupled Mixer

The AWH VPureMix® magnetically driven mixer is designed for applications with the most stringent demands in terms of safety and sterility. A magnetic coupling eliminates the risks associated with conventional shaft grommets, such as leaks
and contamination.

Certified build

  • 3.1 Material Certificate, for product contact parts
  • USP Class VI certification for all ceramic components
  • FDA certification for elastomers and ceramic components
  • USDA-H11/ NSF H1 and FDA approval for gear oil
  • IP66 protection class for motor and gearbox
  • IP67 protection class for sensors and evaluation unit
  • USDA approval for paintwork
  • JIS Z 2801: 2010 certification for antibacterial clear varnish
  • CE sensor and motor-gearbox unit
  • IE3 Energy efficiency class for all motors
Mixer main

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VPureMix® Magnetic Coupled Mixer

Overview 9 Models, Kw range 0.12 – 2.2
Mixing Volume Range 2 – 20000 L (Aqueous solutions)
Materials Tank plate: 1.4435 (316L)
Mixing head: 1.4435 (316L)
Male bearing: Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)
Female bearing: Silicon carbide (SSiC),
O-ring: EPDM (optional: FKM, Silicone, FFKM)
Surface Finish Mixing head: Ra ≤ 0.5 µm (20 µin)
Tank plate: Ra ≤ 0.45 µm (16 µin)
Surface treatment: Hand polished and electropolished
PH Range 1 – 14
Operating Temp Up to 150 °C / 320 °F
Product Temp Product: max. 90 °C / 194 °F
WFI under pressure: max. 60 °C / 140 °F
CIP (max. 50 rpm): max. 95 °C / 203 °F
SIP (0 rpm): max. 134 °C / 273 °F
Max Tilt Angle 30°