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AWH Double Block and Bleed Valves (Leakage Valves) for food and beverage industry.

The AWH Double Block and Bleed (leakage) butterfly valve is designed to be used in applications where mixing of liquids must be prevented.

Use of standardised components from our butterfly valve range permits great variability with respect to connections, gasket or sealing materials, and modifications keeping spare-parts stock to a minimum.

The leakage valve con be operated by an actuator or manually, and is fitted as standard with auxiliary flushing valves, one leakage and one flushing. The auxiliary valves can be activated in sync or in isolation. Thanks to their design, both valves are easy to clean and completely isolated when closed.

The auxiliary valve’s sealing piston is positioned almost flush in the through-flow pipe, so contamination is not possible at this point.

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Overview Double Block and Bleed Valve
Size Range DN 25 – 150
Connections Standards
DIN EN 10357 Series A:
DIN EN 10357 Series D range B:
DIN EN 10357 Series C:
DIN 11864:
Connection Options
Weld Ends for pipes according to DIN EN 10357,
Connection to DIN 11864
Materials Body, Disc/Stem:
1.4301 (304), 1.4307 (304L), 1.4404 (316L)
Silicone, EPDM, FKM, HBNR
Surface Finish Precision-machined inside Ra ≤ 0.8 μm (Others on request)
Precision-turned outside
Operating Pressure Range DN25 – 150: 10 bar / 145 psi
Control Options Range of Lever options, Lockable, c/w feedback indication etc
Pneumatic Actuated Double-Acting/Single-Acting
3/2 Atex Solenoids, 24v DC Feedback PG/8-Pin,
ASi Feedback 4-Pin, Range of Proportional Controllers
Electric Actuators
Certification TA LUFT VDI 2440
DIN EN10204 3.1