Samson SED

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SED was founded in 1984 and has at that time laid the foundations for the product range, which still contributes a significant part to the success of the company in a developed form.

In the early 90s SED was incorporated into a group of companies and is today a member of the Samson AG Group.
After the acquisition it was possible to realign SED and to make pioneering investments and this in particular in relation to the development, production and sales.
Belonging to an international group of companies, today SED combines all the advantages of such offers a group of companies with an independent unit, which is characterized by flexibility, customer focus and innovation.

The company moved in 2010 to a new site. Processes were optimized and re-organized, a change that is the demands and the strategy to consistently rely on a continuously profitable growth.

The target is developing, manufacture and marketing of high quality valve technology such as the diaphragm and seat valve and a comprehensive range of accessories and system components for monitoring and control for demanding markets and customers where a sustainable corporate strategy, continuity and reliability play a major role.
SED Flow Control is located in the southwest of Germany in Bad Rappenau.